Kopafilm bopp capacitor film


Kopafilm Elektrofolien GmbH started in 1980 with the production of biaxially oriented Polypropylene film (BOPP Film). The finished goods of today’s KOPAFILM ELEKTROFOLIEN GmbH are used predominantly in the capacitor industry.  Also the packaging area and several other industries uses

polypropylene hazy film


Kopafilm’s product lines are used in various application areas with different surface treatments. For example our thin BOPP film is used for the production of Capacitors in the microelectronic field, up to the manufacturing of Low and High Voltage Power



Quality. Our highest priority issue is Quality. Constant process-, quality- and hygiene controls maintain our high overall product standards and allow us to meet our customers’ specifications. The customer and other partners of our enterprise are the centre of our

Dedicated to thinnest polypropylene films

Established more than 30 years ago, we in Kopafilm are one of the most experienced producers of thinnest polypropylene films in the world. For the capacitor industry we can offer the whole range of dielectric films:
Films for vakuum metallizing, hazyfilm for all film type capacitors and films for mixed dielectric applications.
Our films are produced with standard capacitor grade polypropylene or high isotactic, high temperature resin as well.

Special polypropylene film for special applications

For our customers beside the capacitor area we are pleased to offer our BOPP films for various applications.
Kopafilm films are produced for special uses in the packaging field as well as in different technical applications.

Lean – flexible – smart

As a matter of fact, Kopafilm is worldwide one of the smallest producers of polypropylene film. With our lean structure and lean culture we are happy to supply all our customers in the world. Showing highest flexibility to optimize your supplychain is one of our strength. Contact us to see, what we can do together!