Kopafilm’s product lines are used in various application areas with different surface treatments.

For example our thin BOPP film is used for the production of Capacitors in the microelectronic field, up to the manufacturing of Low and High Voltage Power Capacitors as well as in the packaging area for coating, laminating, metallizing or printing.

The high purity and quality of our BOPP-Film guarantee low dielectric losses and high breakdown strength.

The plain film has no additives other than the necessary stabilizer.

The benefits thus achieved are extremely good electrical properties, high mechanical strength and the narrowest thickness tolerances.

Kopafilm AFT/AFM: Hazyfilm for all film type capacitors

Kopafilm MET: Film for metallizing

Kopafilm MIX: Film for mixed dielectric applications

Kopafilm PAC/PAC T: Transparent film for special packaging applications