Transparent Packaging PP FILM for laminating, printing and metallising applications

One other special product from KOPAFILM is KOPAFILM PAC, a BOPP film especially designed for packaging purposes. This film has a corona treatment on one or both sides, so it can be laminated or printed very well. Also metallising is possible.

KOPAFILM PAC is nowadays used very often for special packaging. Because of the very thin material (5 to 10 µm) it has a very good ecological status.

Type Thickness
PAC CI 5 -10 1-side corona treatment
on the inner side
PAC CA 5 -10 1-side corona treatment
on the outer side
PAC 2C 5 -10 2-side corona treatment
on both sides
PAC T CI 5 -10 1-side corona treatment
on the inner side
PAC T CA 5 -10 1-side corona treatment
on the outer side
PAC T 2C 5 -10 2-side corona treatment
on both sides


For laminating, printing and metallising for flexible packaging as gloss coating.
KOPAFILM PAC is best for lamination against light-coloured base materials.
KOPAFILM PAC T has a higher transparency and is therefore best for lamination against dark base materials and is mainly used for particular, exclusive packaging applications.


Very good transparency, even corona treatment (1 or 2 sided) > 38 Dyn for uniform lamination, printing and metallising.