Corona treated PP FILM, the base for metallising applications

KOPAFILM MET is our biaxially oriented polypropylene film for metallizing. KOPAFILM MET is an electrical grade plain BOPP especially for metallizing purposes with corona treatment on one or both sides. We manufacture this product in the thickness range from 3,5 to 20 µm.

Type Thickness
MET CI 3,5 – 20 1-side corona treatment
on the inner side
MET CA 3,5 – 20 1-side corona treatment
on the outer side
MET 2C 3,5 – 20 2-side corona treatment
on both sides


Base film for metallising purposes. The PP-Film can be used after metallizing in HV Power Capacitors.


High electrical (> 650 V) and mechanical strength with a uniform corona treatment > 38 DYN for a homogeneous metallization.