Rough PP FILM for All Film Capacitors

Two more products for the capacitor industry are KOPAFILM AFT and KOPAFILM AFM, two rough BOPP-films, so called Hazyfilms for the all film technology.

We can produce one side or both sides rough. The difference between AFT and AFM is, that the AFM-type has a corona treatment for metallizing. KOPAFILM AFT and AFM is especially designed for good impregnation in the capacitor.

Type Thickness
AFT A 5-17,8 1-side rough surface =
asymmetrical rough
AFT S 5-17,8 2-side rough surface =
symmetrical rough

Application: AFT

Used as dielectric layer for better impregnation in All Film capacitors, from High to Medium Voltage, Traction Capacitors, Transformers and Fly Back Capacitors.

Application: AFM

As basis for vacuum coating (for final application as impregnated electrode in All Film Capacitors – i.e. Traction Capacitors).

Properties: AFT

High electrical and mechanical strength, good insulating properties and a rough surface for even and faster impregnation.

Properties: AFM

KOPAFILM AFM has the same properties as AFT Film. This Film is manufactured in the same process with the addition of corona treatment (Inside or Outside) to allow for later metallization.