Our highest priority issue is Quality. Constant process-, quality- and hygiene controls maintain our high overall product standards and allow us to meet our customers’ specifications. The customer and other partners of our enterprise are the centre of our activities. In order to meet the expectations of our customers and partners we are working continuously on the improvement of  process and quality.

The certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 shows our efforts. In process model we understand the requirements of our customer as input for our company and the customer we met ist the output of the correlated process.

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Environment / Energy.

The lasting use of our resources – water and energy – as well as the creation of environmental friendly products is essential for us.

We implemented technologies, which allow us an increased productivity and quality by multiple usage and recovery of substances, in order to spare resources and to reduce emission.

With the support and strength – of our own Power Thermal Coupling Plant – we are in the position to use energy multiple, for example to produce power and energy for drying processes as well as for heating our buildings. Furthermore the water we require for our manufacturing is also used multiple, before it is cleaned in our biological cleaning plant and returned again finally to the regular water cycle.

As a result of this philosophy and its realization, in 1999 we have been awarded as with the 1. category Environment Prize of Commerzbank/Impulse.

Our engagement for constant improvement is shown by the repeated auditing based on the norm of the environment certification according to DN ES ISO 14001:2015. In addition to that we are working on a constant reduction of emission figures. In this relation we introduced a certified energy management according to 50001:2011 since 2012.

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We are well aware that our customers are well-known companies of the Electro- and Packaging Industry.

We are supplying our products to companies who are obliged to meet a high standard of hygiene. BOPP-Film for Capacitors, Transformers and special Packaging Applications such as Food and nonfood Packaging. You can use our products for direct contact with the wrapped content. The protection of the health of the consumer is our main objective.

In order to meet this requirement we fixed prescriptions in our management system with regard to hygiene of collaborators, cleaning, control of foreign bodies, pest control, waste, transportation as well as control of goods received and delivered.